Wirral thunderstorms

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Wirral thunderstorms

Postby Chris Richards » 2014 May 19, 21:17

Thunderstorms have broken out here on the Wirral this evening, after the warmest day of the year so far, 24.7 C at 1530 (local time). A gusty SE breeze helped keep the dreaded sea breeze at by - till later, at any rate. These were the first "decent" storms here at the northern end of Wirral for a long time!

Deep convection at medium levels got going late afternonn. Ominous purple skies and distant thunder over NE Wales, across the Dee, persisted for an hour or two. Interestingly, a gusty NW'ly off Liverpool Bay set in shortly afterwards, dropping the temperature here to 17C and less. Was this, perhaps, the arrival of a gust front from one of these storm cells ? It seemed to arrive too quickly for a sea breeze.

Storm cells started arriving from the south across Wirral in early evening. Huge rain drops fell out of the darkest Cu towers, but didn't amount to much till the main rain "curtain" crossed us. A total of just 8mm has fallen this evening, much less than some places across the Dee I reckon!
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