Overnight electrical storms 13/14 June 2014

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Overnight electrical storms 13/14 June 2014

Postby Stephen Burt » 2014 Jun 14, 09:17

A rather sleepless night with a series of heavy thunderstorms and brilliant lightning - the best nocturnal 'show' for many years here. I managed to get some reasonable lightning photographs - when I've downloaded them, I'll post a couple up here.

Accompanied by steady, rather than exceptionally intense, heavy rainfall for 4 1/2 hours - checkgauge total this morning 30.9 mm, all of which fell between 2340 and 0400 UTC. The highest intensities, just over 50 mm/h, were at the start of the storm's rainfall.

This is the highest daily total (09-09 UTC) in June here since 1971, although other June heavy falls in recent years have been split across two rainfall days. The fall represents 58% of June's normal monthly rainfall.

Stratfield Mortimer, Berkshire - central southern England
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Records commenced here 1987 - local records available back to 1862
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Re: Overnight electrical storms 13/14 June 2014

Postby Richard_Griffith » 2014 Jun 14, 15:05


Thunder first heard at my location at 01:47hrs from the NW and the storms clearing to the South at 02;40hrs UTC. Rainfall up to 09hrs this morning was 21.4mm

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Re: Overnight electrical storms 13/14 June 2014

Postby greg_gruner » 2014 Jun 14, 16:20

I'm afraid I slept through most of it, though the storms did cross the Farnborough area overnight. 19.2mm in the gauge (all of it overnight).
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