AC FLO/VIRGA 04JUL2014 0720Z East Dorset

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AC FLO/VIRGA 04JUL2014 0720Z East Dorset

Postby Martin Rowley » 2014 Jul 04, 08:05

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Date: 4th July, 2014
Time: 0720Z
Place: West Moors, East Dorset (just north of Hurn airport)
Viewing: towards SE

Nice example of Altocumulus floccus with distinct virga - latter moderately sheared.

From 00Z 03882/Herstmonceux ascent (if representative - Larkhill 06Z not so obvious), the cloud roughly occupies a slice between 500 hPa to 350 hPa - quite vigorous and moist ascent (DPD <=5C for good depth), with the required very dry environment down below to 800 hPa. From VIS imagery, which showed the side-lit cumuliform tops well, they appeared to be on a line extending from the Isle of Wight/Solent area to northern Home Counties/East Anglia.

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