Dry St Swithin's day

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Dry St Swithin's day

Postby Len Wood » 2014 Jul 15, 19:01

Max 21.5C
Min 14.3C

No rain.

Rain in first 15 days of July 32.2 mm,
about average.
Average for July in these parts is 62.3 mm

Wembury, SW Devon coast
N50.33 W4.13
Altitude 83 m asl
Len Wood
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Re: Dry St Swithin's day

Postby greg_gruner » 2014 Jul 15, 19:17

Dry today in Farnborough, but there was 0.4mm overnight last night (and counted to yesterday).
Rainfall here 1-15 July is only 4.6mm, 10% of the estimated LTA. We seemed to have missed most of the storms - thunder was heard on the 8th, but little rainfall.
Things might be very different later this week, though, with the forecast of a thundery low moving north.
Greg Gruner
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Re: Dry St Swithin's day

Postby Nick Gardner » 2014 Jul 17, 19:09

St Swithin's Day here:

Minimum = 15.5°C
Maximum = 24.3°C
Rainfall = 0.0 mm
Sunshine = 9.0 hours

No rain since the 8th and 24.6 mm so far.
Near Newton Poppleford, Sidmouth - Devon
50:41N 3:17 W; 20 metres AMSL; Station Grade B-BAAA37
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Re: Dry St Swithin's day

Postby John Wilson » 2014 Jul 18, 07:33

St Swithin's Day:
Max 21.5
Min 15.3
No rain. Fine day with cumulus.

At the moment, a few drops of rain have fallen. Sky overcast and leaden. Interesting movement on the barograph chart: at about 05.30BST the pressure suddenly dropped from 1020Mb to 1017Mb in the space of less than an hour, jumped back up about 1Mb and is now continuing to fall. Should be interesting later!

Regards to all.
John Wilson
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Re: Dry St Swithin's day

Postby greg_gruner » 2014 Jul 18, 09:12

Thunderstorm here last night, around 0330-0500, lightning close and thunder loud. 10.2mm fell - just what the garden wanted.
Now sunny, and forecast to be the hottest day of the year so far (yesterday I recorded max of 28.3C). Last night's min was 17.4C
Greg Gruner
Farnborough, Hampshire
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