Thunder - 25th July

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Thunder - 25th July

Postby John Oliver » 2014 Jul 25, 18:14

Nearly twenty rumbles of thunder heard in Dorchester (south Dorset) between 1655 and 1725hrs GMT today. A few flashes of lightning were observed, the closest being less than two miles away.

Rainfall was very heavy for twenty minutes and amounted to 9.3mm, the temperature dropped from 26.0C to 23.4C during this period.

John Oliver
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Re: Thunder - 25th July

Postby greg_gruner » 2014 Jul 25, 20:12

In Farnborough the thunder lasted from 1400 to 1500, and rainfall was 16mm. Temperature dropped from 27.5C to 18C. Welcome rain for the garden!
Greg Gruner
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