Hurricane Bertha

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Hurricane Bertha

Postby John Wilson » 2014 Aug 11, 08:08

The passage of the remnants of Hurricane 'Bertha' yesterday was interesting. There was extremely heavy rain here, at the Mapperley Plains end of Arnold, Nottinghamshire, from about 9.30 to 11.00, then lighter rain for about another hour. We got very wet going to Church!! My total for the day was 36.1mm. On the barograph chart, the lowest pressure was 991mb, recorded at 12.30BST. Strong winds did not start until late afternoon. It is still very windy now (09.00 BST Monday).
Very interesting article in this month's Weather Magazine on a pilot study of a UK citizen rainfall network. This pilot involved primary school children, mainly using home-made raingauges. If we had something like the CoCoRaHS network in the USA, it would be very useful in studying such events as hurricane Bertha. All power to their elbow; let us hope that a UK CoCoRaHS can be set up.

Regards to all

John Wilson
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Re: Hurricane Bertha

Postby Richard Hunt » 2014 Aug 11, 09:01

An eventful day yesterday due to what remained of Bertha. Wind light for most of the morning, then increasing to a maximum gust of 33 knots as the front pasted over around 1300 UTC onwards.

Thunder and lightning for a time during the course of the afternoon, heavy squally rain for most of the day.

Air pressure minimum 0986·9mb at 1315 UTC. Lowest August pressure for ten years.

37·5mm of rain since midnight, wettest day since 25th June 2007.

Wettest August day in ten years.

Second wettest day at this station. Records for the area back to the 1950s.

I totally agree a rainfall network of sorts should be set up.
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Re: Hurricane Bertha

Postby Len Wood » 2014 Aug 11, 11:38

We escaped the heavy rain in this part of the country.
Only 7.5 mm here.
The wind peaked yesterday morning.
21 knots gusting 37 knots for a few hours.
Those parts exposed to the west took a battering in terms of leaves and twigs stripped from trees and bushes.

Quite a lot of debris on the coastal road I drove down.

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Re: Hurricane Bertha

Postby Nick Gardner » 2014 Aug 12, 19:33

As Len said, nothing severe here from Bertha.

Just a few hours of moderate rain on Saturday evening and early on Sunday morning with a total of 12.6 mm.

Sunday was a glorious but rather breezy, dry day of long sunny intervals. Maximum gust was 31 mph at midday on Sunday but there frequent gusts between 25 mph and 30 mph for most of the day leading to a lot of small branches and leaf debris on the roads in areas exposed to the sea.
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