Cold August night!

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Cold August night!

Postby John Oliver » 2014 Aug 20, 07:09

On the outskirts of Dorchester last night the air temperature dropped to 4.1C, the lowest recorded in August since 1993 (3.5C).
This followed the coolest day (19th with max temp 17.7C) since June 5th (17.2C).

south Dorset
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Re: Cold August night!

Postby Nick Gardner » 2014 Aug 20, 18:30

A minimum here of 4.9°C with a grass minimum of 3.1°C.

Yesterday's (19th) maximum was 19.3°C, so nothing remarkably cold there. Glad to see the temperature back above 20°C (though only just) today with 20.1°C.

Sunshine amounts have been pretty good lately with well over 8 hours today bringing the monthly total to 142.2 hours.

Another chilly night to come methinks.

(19:30), 15.5°C, RH 57%, DP 7.0°C, 1019 hPa (S), Wind 10 mph NW.
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Re: Cold August night!

Postby Len Wood » 2014 Aug 20, 18:43

Have to go back to 1986 for such a cold August night as last night.
Min 6.8C

The end of August 1986 was a bit similar with cold nights.

Mins of 6.5 C on 20th and 28th.

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Re: Cold August night!

Postby Graham Easterling » 2014 Aug 21, 13:40

Temperature was not particular low in Penzance night of 19th/20th, but a very different story last night.

In the early hours of today (21st) it dropped to 5.8C, which is quite remarkable for Penzance. I would expect places like Camborne (near the windward coast) to be warmer, but even Cardinham didn't drop that low. It was, however, nearly as low on the cliff tops at Land's End, minimum 7.4C, despite a breeze off the sea with an SST of 17C!

To put this temperature into perspective:-

Coldest 3 August nights since 1991
31/08/2010 7.2C
30/08/2011 6.4C
21/08/2014 5.8C (very similar to the average December minimum in Penzance!)

There have only been 6 August nights < 8C in the last 23 years. I'll have to go back through the old Penzance records to try and find a colder August night.

Temperature has struggled back up to 17.8C so far (currently 14:30).

After the 4th warmest July since 1991, this is likely to be the 3rd or 4th coolest August in the same period. Sunshine running well above normal though.

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Re: Cold August night!

Postby Martin Rowley » 2014 Aug 21, 13:46

... the minima (based on SYNOP data) at Hurn ...

19th/20th: 3.3
20th/21st: 2.7

I haven't got a decently organised record for Hurn to be absolutely sure, but I think these are the lowest in August at this station since August 1993 (25th) when the minimum is logged as 2.6degC.

1993 August was also a chilly month (as this one is becoming - after a reasonable start), and although not exceptional, the average temperature for that month was = 15.1degC, representing -1.4C on the all-series (1957+) mean, or -1.7C on the 1981-2010 climatology.

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Re: Cold August night!

Postby Stephen Burt » 2014 Aug 21, 20:20

My screen minimum this morning was +3.5°C, which is the lowest in August on my personal records here (back to 1987) and the lowest in August since 1964 on local records, when 2.8°C was recorded at nearby Shinfield on 30th.

The final few days of August occasionally see cold nights, most recently just two years ago when 5.6°C was recorded on 31 August 2012, with a slight ground frost - the only ground frost I had recorded in August.

This morning, the grass min was -0.2°C, making this the earliest ground frost I've recorded in 27 years here, by a good 10 days, and only the second August ground frost in those 27 years.

Stratfield Mortimer, Berkshire - central southern England
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Records commenced here 1987 - local records available back to 1862
The Weather Observer's Handbook:
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