Scotland weather forecasts

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Scotland weather forecasts

Postby Steve Flitton » 2014 Sep 15, 20:21

Hello everyone,
with all the discussion going on in the news about Scotland becoming independent I was wondering what affect this may have in the event of a yes vote. Would this mean an end to Scottish weather forecasts on national television in England as we know it? I feel this would be most disappointing. I often wonder what sort of weather and extremes are going on in the bulk of Ireland as only northern Ireland, being part of the union is ever mentioned. I wouldn't want this to be the case with Scotland as well. Of course, it could end up a no vote. We'll have to wait and see. Perhaps there are some Scottish members out there that would like to comment.

Steve Flitton
Steve Flitton
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Re: Scotland weather forecasts

Postby Len Wood » 2014 Sep 15, 20:44

It is just one of many knotty questions if the vote is 'Yes'.

The Scots can claim they have been contributing to the Met Office over the years so cannot be left with nothing.
No way can the supercomputer be divided up in Exeter though.

I know they will claiming for a few frigates, etc, from the Royal Navy
and a few jets and helicopters, etc, from the RAF and other services.

I'm sure the weather map on TV will still have Scotland's forecast on it though.
The presenter will just not need to talk about Scotland, meaning he/she will have more time to give detail for us folks south of the border.

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