Heavy Rainfall - Horsham 10th October

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Heavy Rainfall - Horsham 10th October

Postby Richard_Griffith » 2014 Oct 11, 10:26

A very showery day after a dry and bright start. Total Rainfall up to 09hrs 11th - 40.2mm. The AWS Gauge recorded 38.0mm, the 2.2mm under read was probably due to the rainfall intensity. Looking at the AWS Gauge hourly readings, between 1200-1300hrs UTC it recorded 16.8mm with a further 9.6mm between 1300-1400hrs UTC. Looking at the rainfall radar there was a line of showers over my location moving SW-NE. A CB cell was seen to the NNE early afternoon following the heavy rain but the towering Cu in the area appeared to be decaying quite rapidly.
Later in the evening bright and quite frequent lightning was seen between the East – South around mid-evening moving NE but no thunder was heard. Again the radar showed a line of showers with embedded thundery activity to the East of my location over East Sussex / Kent border.

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