Exceptional Temp Inversions - West Cornwall

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Exceptional Temp Inversions - West Cornwall

Postby Graham Easterling » 2014 Dec 30, 11:28

The early hours of the 29th December saw a minimum temperature of -1.8C in Penzance, the coldest night since -2.6C on 28th March 2013. The pressure at 09:00 was a near record 1042mb.

With the unusual totally calm conditions, there were some major temperature differences in just a few hundred yards. I drove from Penzance, past Helston & Culdrose to Gweek, at the top of the Helford estuary, during the late morning (11ish). The car thermometer, even at that time, dipped to 1C in a couple of the valleys, back up to 7C in the warmest spots. Given that there would have been a lag in the thermometer response, those are very big differences. In Gweek itself the car showed 1C and the trees were still thick with frost, it was 6C passing Culdrose just a mile away.

During the early afternoon the temperature in Penzance peaked at 9.2C

Daybreak on the 30th saw some remarkable differences

Culdrose 08:00 7.2C
Penzance 08:45 -0.1C (after a minimum of -1.4C)
I've never seen such a large temperature inversion affecting Penzance, or such cold relative to Culdrose. Cold air must have drifted very slowly down the NW-SE orientated valleys.

The inversion dissipated rapidly between 10:00 & 11:00, by 11:20 the temperature had reached 10C!

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