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Violent storm expected Monday 9th March

PostPosted: 2015 Mar 08, 22:40
by Eddy Graham
To follow on from previous posts in "Everything Else Weatherwise":

Various met models (GFS, Euro4) are predicting mean windspeeds in excess of 65mph (violent storm force 11) in the approaching storm tomorrow (Monday 9th March), with significant pressure rises in its lee - hence the chance for even stronger winds.

I've never experienced two hurricanes in one season (not even 1 until this winter!), and I really don't want to experience it... but that notwithstanding, we are beginning to get very nervous here in Stornoway again...

I shall be posting updates on twitter insofar as power and the situation permits, on:

Eddie, Stornoway

Re: Violent storm expected Monday 9th March

PostPosted: 2015 Mar 09, 14:48
by Len Wood
Sounds horrific Eddy.
54 knots gusting 73 forecast for 2100 GMT.

Keep us posted on here too as to what happens.

Re: Violent storm expected Monday 9th March

PostPosted: 2015 Mar 10, 22:57
by Eddy Graham
OK folks - we survived!

Power stayed on (and most importantly, my Stevenson screen is still standing - though I did remove the max/min thermometers for 24hrs just in case).
Damage is minimal - we had 2hrs of violent winds from about 8-10pm last night, but frankly the hurricane of January did all the damage (and anything that could fall/come lose did so then). Interestingly, the periods of highest winds correlate well with the satellite images / positions of the dying sting jet/cloud tip as it passed over us (indeed there appeared to be two separate cloud tips for a while).

Max gust at Stornoway Airport (03026) was 81mph between 21-22h; South Uist recorded gusts of 89mph at 4pm, 6pm and again 8pm.

Interestingly,according to Ogimet, Bealach na Ba (alt 773m) above Applecross in Wester Ross recorded a mean of 96mph, gusting 121mph (Cat 2 hurricane, and little different from 9/1/2015).

A fine day today (pressure rose by some 40mb overnight) but more gales tomorrow - and then, maybe, just maybe, the hints of an easterly deevloping in time for the solar eclipse of 20th