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April warmth

PostPosted: 2015 Apr 15, 20:37
by greg_gruner
I recorded 25.7C today, and it certainly felt more like July than April!
With only 10.7mm of rain so far this month, and 10 out of the last 11 days dry, I have also had to start watering plants on the south side. I can't remember having to water this early.
Although the warmth won't last, the high pressure will, so it could be a very dry April after a very dry March.

Re: April warmth

PostPosted: 2015 Apr 16, 11:55
by Len Wood
Had max of 20.6C yesterday and 18.2C the day before.

Have n't had such an early warm spell since April 2011 when we had a week of 20+ temperatures 19th to 25th, this included Easter.

It certainly has been a dry month so far with a total of only 8.4 mm.

Feb had average rain but March was only 72% so soil is fairly dry here.

Re: April warmth

PostPosted: 2015 Apr 16, 14:31
by Richard Hunt
Warmest day of the year so far on the 14th with the temperature reaching a screen maximum of 18.5c at 1427 UTC.

Another dry month so far with a monthly total of 6.5mm to date, and the 24hr rainfall maximum only 3.0mm which occured on day 03.

Rain Days >0.2mm: 7

Wet Days >1.0mm: 2

Much cooler the last few days.

Re: April warmth

PostPosted: 2015 Apr 17, 18:33
by Nick Gardner
Recorded a maximum of 23.4°C on the 15th and 21.6°C on Thursday (16th).

It's also been rather sunny lately and the monthly total (up to the 17th) now stands at 134 hours.

As with all months since December this is turning out to be a dry one with only 5.4 mm of rain so far.

Mean maximum temperature (1st - 17th April) at 16.6°C.

I noticed the May blossom is coming out today.

Re: April warmth

PostPosted: 2015 Apr 25, 21:19
by Nicholas Bentley
The highest temperature I've had so far was 20.0C on the 10th, which also had a 15C or so diurnal range, large for here. It reached 19.0C on Friday (24th) with a S to SW wind removing all possibility of a sea breeze. Many of the recent sunny days have been cool, even chilly, here because of sea breezes.

Today was interesting, starting off warm (11.5C at 8am) and reaching a max of 15.5C before the cold front arrived at 11.30am. The temperature drop seemed very sudden and there was much dark cloud, but no rain to speak of. About an hour later light rain began and continued until about 5pm, the temp hovering around only 6 to 7C.

Re: April warmth

PostPosted: 2015 Apr 25, 21:24
by Nicholas Bentley
Further to the above, I should say that my station is in Redcar, on the North Yorkshire coast about 10 miles NE of Middlesbrough or 22 miles WNW of Whitby, as my profile dorsn't give this information.

Re: April warmth

PostPosted: 2015 Apr 26, 10:19
by Richard Hunt
Had my first +20c on the 24th with a screen maximum of 20.5c. Making that day the warmest of the year so far.

Cooled of since yesterday though with the passing of the cold front at around 1330Z.
Temperature read 16.8c at 1300Z, but had dropped to 7.7c by 1500Z.

Re: April warmth

PostPosted: 2015 Apr 26, 20:47
by Eddy Graham
Oh what a fickle month April can be.. as we had a snow cover here in Stornoway this morning! It followed 2-3hrs of heavy continuous snow, but only 1cm settled on the grass (2-3cm on cars, etc..,) just slush on the roads. But it was a thick, wet, heavy snow - giving a full 8.8mm of total precipitation. It was almost all gone by 1pm, though it remains thick on the nearby hills this evening (and was still lying in pockets on a sandy beach nearby at 3pm).

It is not the latest date of snow lying in my six years in Stornoway (we had a morning in May 2010 with snow lying) but it the first time I have recorded 2 days of snow lying in April.

We have to go right back to 5th of the month for my highest here in Stornoway: 15.5C!

Nicolas & Richard: The cold front went through here late on Fri eve - I too noticed the sharp edge of it, a sudden drop of 3-4C, but no rain (unusual for Stornoway) and very marked cloud striations at all levels, an obvious wind shear and a low-level 'morning glory' style roll cloud announcing the arrival of the cold air.

Eddie Graham, Stornoway