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April 2015 Sunshine

PostPosted: 2015 Apr 19, 18:45
by Nick Gardner
The sunshine has continued here today though it became a little hazy at times during the afternoon but the sunshine recorder registered unbroken sunshine all day again. The sunshine helped the temperature up to a maximum of 16.1°C today.

This makes it the 6th day this month so far that has had unbroken sunshine all day bringing the monthly total to 160 hours.

The first 5 days of the month were not particularly sunny though there have been no sunless days yet but since the 6th the sunshine levels have been high and averaging around 10.4 hours per day.

All this sunshine has made the mean maximum temperature well-above the average but the plethora of clear, starry nights has led to the mean minimum temperature to be around average or slightly below. It has also been a very dry month so far:

April 2015 (1st - 19th)
Mean minimum = 5.2°C
Mean maximum = 16.5°C
Mean = 10.9°C
Rainfall = 5.2 mm.
Sunshine = 160.1 hours.

And how the garden has responded to this lovely sunshine with the apple, nectarine and cherry blossom all out. The grape vines are coming into leaf as is the fig tree which is laden with tiny fruits - it should be a good crop. It really is a glorious time of year.

Re: April 2015 Sunshine

PostPosted: 2015 Apr 22, 19:03
by Nick Gardner
April sunshine continues with the total (up to 22nd) now at 200.5 hours

Ten days so far this month have had unbroken sunshine and there have been no sunless days.

This month still has some way to go to beat the sunshine total for April 2011 which recorded 246 hours.

April sunshine for the last few years:
2014 = 161 hours
2013 = 169 hours
2012 = 147 hours
2011 = 246 hours
2010 = 256 hours
2009 = 185 hours
2008 = 194 hours
2007 = 218 hours.