Unusual humidity fluctuations

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Unusual humidity fluctuations

Postby Bernard Burton » 2015 Jun 03, 10:20

2nd June 2015 at Wokingham there were several unusually large fluctuations in humidity between 1630 and 2400 GMT, which showed up as large short time-scale changes in dew point and mixing ratio. Dew point changes were in the range 11 to 5 deg C. Graphs of the changes can be seen at:

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Re: Unusual humidity fluctuations

Postby Stephen Burt » 2015 Jun 05, 21:35

There was another very sharp change in humidity, a drop in dew point of almost 6 degC in 15 minutes, as the spectacular band of jet stream Ac noted by Greg passed over just after 1830 UTC this evening.

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