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West Cornwall 23rd June - Stunning Skyscape

PostPosted: 2015 Jun 23, 19:28
by Graham Easterling
Although inland there was a build up of cloud, right on north and west facing coasts the sky was quite different, plenty of blue with thin decaying mid & high level frontal cloud. This combined with excellent visibility resulted in some stunning skies. The 2nd attached pic being from the St Martin's (Scilly) webcam this afternoon.

Also, with the build up of cloud inland, coasts in west Cornwall were generally warmer than inland. E.g. at 14:00 it was 20C on St. Martin's, 19C in Penzance, 16C under convective cloud at Culdrose. Scilly recorded it's warmest day of 2015, with 21.9C on St. Martins. Also no sea breezes set in, totally calm when I was at Sennen this morning (the westernmost beach in Cornwall), resulting in some lovely glassy sea conditions.

I've just returned from SCilly, it was dry all week, but the most remarkable thing was the total lack of swell, even off the western rocks. The 1st pic is from St. Agnes looking west across the last rocks before America, no wash around the rocks at all - quite remarkable.