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1st July - thunderstorms

PostPosted: 2015 Jul 01, 22:30
by Eddy Graham
We had a lengthy series of thunderstorms here in Stornoway today, most unusual for our location in summer (as we have a pronounced winter maximum in thunder frequency here).

After a very warm morning with hazy sunny spells (high of 21.1degC, warmest of the year), mid level ac. castellanus came in around 2pm, bringing distant thunder rolls and a smattering of large raindrops. From 3-5pm, however, dark convective bases came in consecutively from the south to north (along the spine of the island), bringing repeated thunderstorms and heavy downpours. Lightning frequency was around 1/minute or more, as there was near continuous thunder audible from 2-5pm, and again later at times this evening. All-in-all it reminds me well of a 'spanish plume' thundery day that I experienced in Reading on 23/7/1996. There have been at least two separate power cuts during the day.

See more on my twitter feed (see link below) if interested, including 2 video snippets of some lightning...