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Thunderstorms etc., south-east Dorset late evening 03JUL2015

PostPosted: 2015 Jul 04, 20:49
by Martin Rowley
... dramatic thundery activity here late 3rd July: went to bed after checking radar/IR and latest model output circa 21Z. No surprises noted - and the MetO/BBC output did not indicate any forthcoming activity overnight - hence I was relaxed about leaving broadband running etc.

Awoke ~2225Z with first 'thunder heard', but it may have been distant-rumbling beforehand. Thunder/discharge activity quickly increased in intensity/frequency such that by 2235Z, a peak [lasting ~5mins] of activity of approx. 1 discharge per 3 or 4s, or ~15/20 per minute, though by that time, with multiple CC/IC (as well as intense nearby CG) discharges, it was difficult to pick out individual events and nearby audible discharges undoubtedly masked the more distant ones. By 2255Z, settled back to a more 'normal' 2-5 per minute, then slowly decaying as the cell(s) moved away north such that by midnight (Z) no thunder heard, but plenty of distant (to N) 'sheet' lightning.

PPN began circa 2230Z (after the 'first thunder' detected by me), quickly becoming heavy/intense (roads awash with water, soil drifting off gardens etc.) and lasting at that intensity until 2310Z, then slowly decaying to slight ocnl moderate rain, with PPN fizzling out by midnight. A brief period of small hail also ~2245Z.

Total measured in gauge (non-standard exposure here due to buildings) 50.0 mm, and the greater part would have fallen between ~03/2232Z and ~03/2330Z, i.e., roughly an hour.

Many reports in local press of damage, flooding etc., along-track of development which 'exploded dramatically on coming north across the 'Greater Bournemouth' conurbation.


Re: Thunderstorms etc., south-east Dorset late evening 03JUL

PostPosted: 2015 Jul 16, 16:54
by Martin Rowley
... this event got a lot of news coverage locally . . . ... fish_pond/

3000 gallons of water drawn off - yet apparently the plants surrounding the pond have been left untouched!

Any views on whether this is possible? I am about 5 km / 3 miles to the west of St. Ives (historically in SW Hampshire but now in SE Dorset).