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Penzance - Record July Cool - day & night

PostPosted: 2015 Jul 30, 15:46
by Graham Easterling
On 30th it reached only 17.0C in Penzance, despite prolonged sunshine (over 80% of the possible sunshine today - so far - even up on the moors at Bosullow ... rial=10005 )

Maximum temperatures < 17.5C are unusual in Penzance late July / August. Taking late July to be 20th - 31st, during the period 1992-2015 there have been (including today) only 4 days when the temperature has failed to reach 17.5C

These are:-
20/7/11 15.7C - Dull, occasional rain.
24/07/15 16.4C - Showery rain, some late afternoon sunshine prevented this being a new cool record.
26/07/09 17.0C - Rain all day.
and today
30/07/15 17.0C - Long periods of sunshine.

So a new 'cool' record for a late July sunny day.

The recent very cool conditions have been offset by prolonged sunshine, so the beaches have still been busy.
29th at Sennen

Re: Penzance - Record Cool late July sunny day.

PostPosted: 2015 Jul 31, 07:40
by Graham Easterling
Followed by easily my coldest July night on record - 6.9C

Coldest July nights (1992-2015)
31/07/15 - 6.9C
16/07/01 - 7.9C
07/07/08 - 8.3C

Still - lovely sunny day today (31st) with the temperature gradually recovering to 18.8C. In very light winds feeling rather more like summer again.