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12th-13th Rainfall Totals

PostPosted: 2015 Aug 14, 09:55
by Richard_Griffith
Total rainfall up to 09hrs 13th = 9.8mm with a further 16.4mm up to 09hrs 14th. Some thunder heard in the early hours of yesterday with lightning seen but no actual thunderstorm 'at station' with some heavy rain between 03-05hrs. Some further very heavy rain fell yesterday morning with the AWS Gauge logging 9.0mm between 10-11hrs and a further 5.2mm between 11am-12pm. Thunder was also heard late morning.

12th - AWS Gauge 9.8mm. Standard 5" 9.8mm. CoCoRaHS 4" Gauge 9.6mm
13th - AWS Gauge 16.0mm, Standard 5" 16.4mm CoCoRaHS 4" Gauge 15.8mm

The under read on the AWS and CoCoRaHS gauges was probably due to some of the intense hourly falls.


Re: 12th-13th Rainfall Totals

PostPosted: 2015 Aug 14, 19:28
by Len Wood
25 mm in my 5 inch gauge for the event.

With 22 mm on Monday, this makes for a rather wet week.

However, Tuesday and Wednesday were dry and rather nice temperature and sun-wise.
Very good, as we were in charge of the grandchildren on those days.

Re: 12th-13th Rainfall Totals

PostPosted: 2015 Aug 14, 21:27
by Richard Hunt
Only 8.5mm in the 5" gauge since 2400Z on the 13th from this rainfall event.

Rain began falling at 0220 UTC and has been light showers and drizzle for most of the day.

A maximum rain rate of 10.8mm/hr at 0457 UTC.