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Exceptional Rainfall in W Wirral today

PostPosted: 2015 Sep 02, 17:14
by Chris Richards
There has been an extraordinary large rainfall accumulation here today, 2nd Sept, in Newton/West Kirby, Wirral from convective activity drifting inland off Liverpool Bay. From the early hours of the morning till around 1300 hrs, 25mm rain fell.

Rainfall radar indicates this has fallen from a persistent feed of heavy showers and bands of heavy rain, forming SE of the I o Man, and drifting SE across Merseyside, and on into Cheshire. Some of the rain was torrential, with plant borders in my front garden becoming miniature ponds! This follows some 30mm rain that fell between the early hours and 0900 hrs, the previous day (1st Sept), seemingly produced in similar circumstances.The air temperature and dewpoint were both close to 11 deg C during the rainfall. Sea surface temperatures for Liverpool Bay are shown, (on one internet website) as around 15 deg C, suggesting deep Cb convection, maybe in a small cold pool within the NW'ly flow?

I cannot recall recording as much as 55mm rainfall in less than 36 hours here, even from the rare torrential thunderstorms we experience!