Wettest April on record.

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Wettest April on record.

Postby Ian Currie » 2012 Apr 29, 22:44

The weather these days does not seem to do anything in half measures and after last year's driest and warmest April I have now recorded my area's wettest April since at least 1900 and probably back to 1878 or earlier. Composite records for my locality show the wettest April as 2000 with 134mm but after this morning's 09.00 hrs GMT obs. the total for the month stood at 140mm with several more millimetres of rain falling during the day. The 28th recorded 22.2mm and the 25th I measured 29.2mm at Coulsdon situated on the dip slope of the North Downs in Surrey. This latter reading was also the wettest day for April in my station record.
What is also remarkable is that the two days 25th and the 28th totalled 51.4mm whereas the whole of spring 2011, March to May, could only manage 38mm.
It has also been the coldest April since 1989.
Ian Currie-Coulsdon and Chipstead Valley.
Ian Currie
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Re: Wettest April on record.

Postby greg_gruner » 2012 Apr 30, 13:35

On Thursday I installed my new Vantage Vue AWS at my house in Paignton, Devon. And it has certainly had to work hard! Yesterday (April 29th) I recorded 44mm (00h-00h). If I look at the readings from a Davis Vantage Pro in Brixham (http://www.uptonmanor.eclipse.co.uk/wea ... lindx.html) 204mm has been recorded for April. I'm not sure exactly what the long term average is for Brixham/Paignton, but the met station at Teignmouth (http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/ ... mouth.html) reports an average April rainfall of 54.8mm (1971-2000).

I suspect that the average rainfall is slightly higher in Paignton/Brixham than in Teignmouth, but even so, an extremely wet April! In addition, the easterly gale produced some large seas in Torbay.
Greg Gruner
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Re: Wettest April on record.

Postby Neil Johnson » 2012 Apr 30, 18:21

Total up to this morning was standing at 198.2mm, looks as if we are going to get another soaking tonight and this will easily surpass my previous high of 205mm in 2000.

Neil Johnson,

Midsomer Norton.
Neil Johnson
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Re: Wettest April on record.

Postby Steve Flitton » 2012 May 01, 06:40

Hi all
I've checked my records here in Gt.Gaddesden (Herts) to find that April this year was not quite as wet as in 2000 but only by about 8mm. Will we have a very wet May as well I wonder?
Steve Flitton
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Re: Wettest April on record.

Postby john holmes » 2012 May 01, 09:11

My raingauge (Davis) is over sheltered but I simply compare my data to previous months here. April has just returned 114.0mm which is the highest total since the severe flooding in this area (Doncaster) in June 2007 which recorded 134.6mm.
April was also the first month since December 2010 for the mean to not show a value of 0.5C or more above what I use as the long term average for my area. RAF Finningley 1942-1995 and my own site in Cantley January 1997 onwards.
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Re: Wettest April on record.

Postby Roland Marshall » 2012 May 01, 14:39

Hi All

The final total for April 2012 was 121.4 mm making iit the second wettest April on record(1993). The wettest was in April 2000 with 131.8 mm. Sunshine was in short supply with 99.9 hours. It was also cool with a mean of 8.2c.

In contrast April 2011 was the warmest on record with a mean of 12.3c. (Records back to 1989) Rainfall totalled 5.3 mm, the second driest on record after 5.2mm in April 2007. Sunshine was abundant with 224.6 hours.

Yesterday the temp reached 17.8c with a sunshine total of 11.74 hrs. In contrast today has remained overcast and it started raining at abourt 1315 GMT. The current electronic temp is now 8.9c ( 1435 GMT).

Roland Marshall
Hull North
East Yorkshire
Roland Marshall
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Re: Wettest April on record.

Postby John Oliver » 2012 May 01, 18:51

In Dorchester (south Dorset) it has been the wettest April in my record (1962) and in the Dorchester Waterworks rainfall data sets back to 1896. This April I recorded 189.7mm to beat the previous record of 160.8mm set in 2000.
Rain fell on 23 days during the month (every day from the 16th), the wettest days being the 24th (30.5mm) and 29th (33.0mm).

It was the coldest April (mean temperature) here since 1989 with the highest day maxima 16.7C (2nd) compared to 25.5C last year and 21.5C in March 2012.

John Oliver
John Oliver
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Re: Wettest April on record.

Postby Neil Johnson » 2012 May 04, 14:05

Here in Midsomer Norton it was slightly wetter than 2000, when I recorded 205mm total this year was 209mm.

Neil Johnson.
Neil Johnson
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Re: Wettest April on record.

Postby Richard Hunt » 2012 May 06, 16:07

Monthly final total: 136.4mm.

Making this the wettest month at this station since July 2007 when we had the floods.
COL Station: 25020.

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