27th Strong sunshine in the far SW

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27th Strong sunshine in the far SW

Postby Graham Easterling » 2013 Jul 27, 16:18

St Martin's on Scilly recorded 26C!! http://www.weatherlink.com/user/taperki ... &headers=1

I'm sure that's a bit of a blip due to the almost calm conditions, St. Mary's hilltop airport reached 21C, so I suspect the 'real' temperature in a sheltered low lying spot was nearer 23/24C, but still very warm for the Islands. In fact that's the highest I've ever noticed for that site. No doubt the SST, which is close to 20C between the Islands, helps. Shame the Land's End site is down at the moment. (Update. Land's back from approx 18:00.)

Temperature has been between 20.5C & 21.5C virtually all day in Pz, well since 10:00, with deep blue sky over the coast much of the time, though a veil of high cloud affected us for a couple of hours around noon. Feeling much warmer with little breeze, strong sunshine & high humidity.

Some impressive Cu & Cb over the land. The attached photos were both taken from Mousehole, 3 miles west of Penzance, at 11:00 today. The 1st looking NE towards Marazion, showing the blue sky over the Bay, with land based Cu. The 2nd looking east towards Culdrose on the Lizard, zooming in a lot to show the developing Cb along the spine of the Lizard and veil of high cloud to the east.
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