28th September 2013 - Thunderstorms

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28th September 2013 - Thunderstorms

Postby Nick Gardner » 2013 Sep 28, 19:12

Thunder started rumbling away in the distance at about 05:00 this morning. Lightning could be seen too and gradually it got closer.

The lightning consisted of mulitple flashes but strangely, even when overhead it took up to 25 seconds for the thunder to be heard and even then it was muffled. The activity must have been at high altitude. Even so, the beautiful blue and violet lightning continued flickering away overhead and the thunder was gradually getting louder and the gap between the lightning and the thunder became smaller, all whilst it remained overhead. Strangely no rain had fallen and the ground was dry.

Eventually the gap between the lightning and thunder being heard became less and less and it wasn't too long before fork lightning could be seen emerging from the base of the clouds. With the storm being overhead for several hours there were many very close lightning strikes and the thunder was deafening at times; the ground shaking variety!

A strange ol' storm really. It seemed that the storm developed over this location with the lightning starting off very high up then gradually decended becoming brighter and losing its lovely blue colour to become pure white. Obviously the thunder became louder too and it lost that muffled sound with the claps becoming sharply defined and more booming.

Power went off several times during the closer strikes. The rain started falling at around 07:00 despite the storms being overhead for over an hour. The rain never became heavy, it was more persistent moderate rain than the usual sharp downpours associated with thunderstorms.

Total rainfall was 12.0 mm.
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