Saint Jude's Day Storm

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Saint Jude's Day Storm

Postby John Wilson » 2013 Oct 28, 11:33

The storm here (near Mapperley Plains, NE of Nottingham) passed in the early hours. My barograph chart shows a minimum pressure of 978 mb at about 05.00UTC this morning. Pressure rising quickly since. Strong wind in the night; no damage in my small garden, but it has removed most of the remaining leaves! Rainfall at 09.00 was 14.8mm. Raining hard at 08.15 so took the grandchildren to school in the car. Some brief sunny intervals in the last hour or so.
My son lives in Norwich and was planning to travel to Cambridge by train this morning. I was concerned for his safety. Text exchange as follows:
07.45 Son..was very breezy last night but dead calm now.
07.45 Father...Eye of the storm?
07.46 Son...Ha ha!
07.46 Father... Was serious. See you at weekend
08.34 Son...The wind has picked up with a vengeance!
Score to date:
Father (amateur meteorologist) 1
Son (health economist) 0

Kind regards to all
John Wilson
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Re: Saint Jude's Day Storm

Postby Jonathan Dancaster » 2013 Oct 28, 19:42

The minimum pressure here in Calthorpe, north Norfolk was 973.8mb at 0757 UTC, there was a rapid rise in pressure of +7.8mb in the hour to 0900 UTC and winds veered from a fresh SW'ly to a WNW with mean speed 26mph gusting 45mph. Winds were much higher further south than here and even Norwich airport recorded a gale with gusts to 58mph.

Calthorpe, Norfolk.
Jonathan Dancaster
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Re: Saint Jude's Day Storm

Postby Richard_Griffith » 2013 Oct 29, 21:44

Having now had time to look at my data in more detail here are my figures for the storm.

Rainfall - Hourly data from my AWS Gauge = 27th. 2100 – 2200hrs = 4.4mm, 2300 – 2400 = 5.0mm, 28th. 00:01 – 0100hrs = 6.4mm, 0100 – 0200hrs = 4.8mm and 0200 – 0300hrs = 4.2mm.
Total Rainfall up to 09hrs / 28th = 34.7mm (AWS read 33.8mm (0.9mm under probably due to rainfall intensity and wind conditions)
Max Wind Gust 44kts (51mph) at 05:40hrs.
Min Pressure = 981.8mb at 05:41hrs

Looking at the charts its interesting to see how the depression deepened and tracked across the UK as follows - Low Lundy 981mb @ 00hrs, Humber 976mb @ 06hrs, German Bight 967mb @ 12hrs and Sweden 969mb @ 18hrs.

Richard Griffith
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