First air frost

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First air frost

Postby greg_gruner » 2013 Nov 13, 10:26

In Farnborough I recorded the first air frost of the season this morning, a min of -0.2C. Now it is gloriously sunny and the autumn colours shining brightly - the best of November!
Greg Gruner
Farnborough, Hampshire
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Re: First air frost

Postby Richard Hunt » 2013 Nov 21, 20:05

I recorded my first air frost of the season on the 19th with -0.8°C.

Seen the first good cold spell the last few days at this station.

Mean Max: 9.7°C

Mean Min: 3.4°C

Maximum: 12.0°C -- Day 08

Minimum: -0.8°C -- Day 19

Mean: 6.6°C

Air Frosts: 2

Ground Frosts: 7
COL Station: 25020.

Watson W-8681 AWS. Standard Stevenson Screen. Maximum and Minimum screen thermometers. Grass minimum thermometer.
5" Copper standard rain gauge. Roof mounted annemometer.
Richard Hunt
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Re: First air frost

Postby Len Wood » 2013 Nov 26, 14:52

First air frost on the coast here in Wembury last night.
Min -1.2C in my Stevenson screen.

Average date for first air frost here is 30th Nov.
Record back to 1985.

So a pretty average year.

Wembury, SW Devon coast
N50.33 W4.13
Altitude 83 m asl
Len Wood
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