Squall line of 25th Jan at Wokingham

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Squall line of 25th Jan at Wokingham

Postby Bernard Burton » 2014 Jan 26, 11:10

Graphs of the AWS data at Wokingham for the 25th Jan 2014 have a number of
interesting points. The afternoon squall gave a peak gust of 44 knots (51
mph), and there was hail during the torrential rain event at 1625.
The maximum rain rate was 58 mm/hr at 1625z, just in the violent
category (more than 50 mm/hr). The hail pad showed that there were many
small stones 2 to 3 mm in dia. Also of interest the sharp fall in temperature and
dew point (also humidity mixing ratio), and the extremely erratic changes in air
pressure, including a rise of 2.7 mbar in 11 minutes to 1626z. The graphs can be seen at:

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Re: Squall line of 25th Jan at Wokingham

Postby Richard_Griffith » 2014 Jan 26, 11:31


Squall Line passed through at my location at 16:50hrs - Maximum wind gust of 43Kn at 16:52hrs (280°) but only 0.4mm of rain and no hail.
A bungalow a short distance along the road from my location suffered a partial chimney collapse with the Fire Service bringing in it's aerial platform to secure the property.

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Re: Squall line of 25th Jan at Wokingham

Postby Martin Rowley » 2014 Jan 26, 12:02

This feature was obviously potent: this has just been posted on the BBC News England pages ...


The highest gusts from the 'standard' observing network I could find were 65 knots at Lydd and Boulogne, with a wide-scattering of upper-50s knots across southern England.

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