5mm Hail

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5mm Hail

Postby Chris Richards » 2014 Mar 28, 16:05

There has just been a brief fall of large hail here in West Kirby, Wirral, (at 1530 GMT). The southern edge of a developing Cb passed over us, and suddenly started throwing out hail. It briefly got heavier, with alarming noises on the plastic car port roof! Some of the irregular shaped ice chunks exceeded 5mm in size. Thunder was heard moments later, and rumbles of thunder continued for the next 15 minutes.
This is the first time I can recall seeing hail greater than 5mm here on Wirral ! Air temperature did reach the "dizzy heights" of 12.5 deg C at lunch time. The shower lasted just a minute or two at the most.
Chris Richards
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Re: 5mm Hail

Postby greg_gruner » 2014 Mar 28, 21:35

My wife and I encountered hail and lightning near Warwick on the M40, at 1500-1515, while travelling back to Farnborough from Cumbria. I estimate the hail size to be about 0.5cm and it was accompanied by brief but torrential rain and several flashes of lightning (no thunder heard due to the noise of the car).
Greg Gruner
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