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Jordan Sunshine Recorder

PostPosted: 2015 Aug 09, 11:53
by Mike Brown
I wonder if anyone is aware of any suppliers of the charts for these instruments. I have just acquired one and would like to experiment.

Many Thanks


Re: Jordan Sunshine Recorder

PostPosted: 2015 Aug 10, 19:58
by Richard_Griffith

I had one of these instruments some years ago. Then, Casella use to supply the charts but I seem to remember they ran into difficulty with their supplier (not known). Now I am not sure how you are going to get suitable charts or a method of recording as the charts were I believe a type of photographic paper with some form of chemical coating allowing them to be record sun duration a bit like the CS recorder but only marking the paper instead of burning a trace. One had to store the charts out of daylight / in a box to prevent them from fading. My only suggestion is to contact Casella and ask if anyone there may know of their supplier, but it was some years ago. Sorry I can't be of more help


Re: Jordan Sunshine Recorder

PostPosted: 2015 Aug 11, 18:19
by Mike Brown
Many thanks for your reply Richard.
I do not wish to use the instrument 'officially', but just to experiment. My understanding was that it used blueprint paper which is also hard to find. I may try some ordinary, old fashioned photographic printing paper as I want to produce photographs anyway.

Once again, my thanks for your help.

Best wishes