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Bird in my Stevenson Screen !

PostPosted: 2015 Nov 16, 23:30
by Niall Dollard
This was a new one one for me.

When I opened the door of the screen this morning, a small bird flew out ! Reckon it was either a wren or blue tit. So fast and quick could hardly make out any markings.

I have often noticed before that the wooden screen is big magnet for insects in the autumn. Especially earwigs.

So I reckon he was busy checking it out and managed to sneak in at the gap between the laths at the bottom of the screen and probably couldnt find his way back out until I opened it.

Re: Bird in my Stevenson Screen !

PostPosted: 2015 Nov 17, 20:58
by Nick Gardner

It may have been a wren; make sure it isn't using your screen as a place to haul up for the night. How you would stop it entering the screen I don't know - they might invite their mates!

The wrens around here have found a small gap in the brickwork where the heat recovery ventilator exhaust is on an external wall. The hole is tiny but several wrens make use of it every evening during the autumn and winter. They find their way into the cavity which is insulated, so it must be quite warm and cosy there for them, and most of all, dry.