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Mini USB thermometer/datalogger

PostPosted: 2012 Mar 21, 14:09
by brugge
I wondered if any member had seen this? ... id=1009935

Geoff Jenkins was singing it's praises when I saw him yesterday
at the RMetS meeting. I'm going to buy one and try it out in my screen.


Re: Mini USB thermometer/datalogger

PostPosted: 2012 Mar 21, 14:30
by Richard Hunt
I would like to try this as a grass minimum datalogger. The one I have is okay, but it does mean a wire snaking across the lawn to the temp probe.
I wonder if the battery life is ten years though, left out in all weathers.
It'll be good to hear any reviews from anyone who has used one.

Re: Mini USB thermometer/datalogger

PostPosted: 2012 Jun 30, 13:45
by Steve Flitton
Hi all
I've just had a look at the mini data logger available from Mindsets. First impressions look good but I cannot see it being particularly useful as it only records sample temperatures at given intervals. Not being able to record the highest and lowest value means it wouldn't be any good as a grass min thermometer. Also 640 samples isn't much if you wanted to to record, say, every minute, it would only run for about 11 hours. If it sampled the temperature every ten minutes what good would that be? Although there is a good description of the product there doesn't seem to be any mention of it's accuracy.
I'd like to know more. Has anyone actually got one to play with yet?