Data Loggers and new computers

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Data Loggers and new computers

Postby Paul Gilliver » 2012 Apr 07, 07:40

I have just brought a new computer running Windows 7. When I got it out of the box I found that there was no 9 pin comport socket at the back of the case. I had a look at the manual for the mother board and there is no way that you can attack a 9 pin socket.
Talk about going backwards as stil a lot of people stil use his 9 pin comport. I went on E-Bay and brought a USB to to comport adapter but don't bother getting one of these as they don't work on windows 7 even tried it on my old computer that runs my wether station and even that failed to pick up the adapter when I did an auto scan from my weather station, by this time Iwas getting rather frustrated.
Went on the internet and did a search for comport adapter and came across a firm called easy sync. They could not have ben more helpful, Sent them an e-mail to see which of their products would do the job for my data logger and they had two opions I went for the one at £30 but they do another one at £12.95. When it came I took it out of te box, you get a link to their website to download the drivers as they want to make sure you have the most up to date drivers for your product.
Plugged it in to the computer after downloading the software for the divers and BINGO the weather station found the adapter first time. You will find that quie a few new mother boards are now coming with bare minimum motherboards, so don't be surprised if you find yourself with this same problem when you buy a new computer.
You can find a link to the comport adapter here.
It is worth knowing that there is a solution out there for all our troubles.
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Re: Data Loggers and new computers

Postby Darren Rogers » 2012 Apr 07, 21:01

Personally I hate computers and when they go wrong, well, you can imagine.

As you say, there are solutions to problems, but what I find is that there is no sense of achievement when you do find them, just a great sense of frustration, anger, etc, etc that it takes so long to get there and then is usually only about x3 clicks of a mouse to solve - hate them.
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