More insect/bird problems

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More insect/bird problems

Postby Steve Flitton » 2012 Jul 20, 19:46

Hello all
I'm wondering if anyone else has problems with ants building in their Davis raingauge. I've had this problem for a while now and it seems worse during wet weather. The little critters build inside the base area often fouling up the buckets and consequently causing the instrument to under read. Sometimes I remove the cover and it's covered in ant 'eggs'. Soil is also carried inside. I usually blast it all away with water but they soon come back again. It's a real nuisance. I've tried a few products from the garden centre but they don't seem to completely eradicate them. The gauge is fixed level on a small concrete block so it's not sitting directly on the ground. I'm told the 'eggs' are brought up above ground level into the warmth of the gauge to hatch as the black plastic heats up in the sun and there are plenty of air currents which suit them. I may eventually be forced to place it above ground level some how so they can't gain access but I don't really want to do that if possible.

Also, a pair of doves have taken residence in my garden and keep using the roof of my Stevenson screen as a platform to sit on. As you can imagine they keep leaving deposits on it leaving an unsightly mess. I'll shoo them off but they keep coming back. Not sure what the attraction is but they just seem to like sitting there.
It's a long shot but any ideas?
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Re: More insect/bird problems

Postby Angus Tyner » 2012 Jul 20, 21:01

If the block that gauge is attached to is moveable then perhaps try putting something between ground and block that the ants will not penetrate such as sheet of heavy plastic.
Another option is to put apply a strip of something that ants will not cross on their route(s). Perhaps grease.

Gardeners often use Cds hanging from string to frighten birds. The Cds spin in breeze casting odd reflections. Perhaps something like this would make the Doves nervous to come near.
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