Logging an Instromet sunshine sensor

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Logging an Instromet sunshine sensor

Postby Stephen Burt » 2012 Jan 18, 17:54

In response to previous questions on the topic, I've prepared a short guide to logging the output from an Instromet sunshine sensor to a suitable logger. I had hoped to attach it, but the forum software doesn't permit attaching PDFs. If anyone would like a copy, please e-mail me - my address is given in the front of the monthly bulletin.

Instromet are a supplier of weather instruments based in Norfolk, England. Over the past decade or so this simple, reliable, consistent and reasonably-priced sensor has become the sunshine sensor of choice for most of the amateur and hobbyist weather observing community within the UK and Ireland.

The sensor unit is small and light, easy to fix to a mast or rooftop, and relatively undemanding in alignment requirements, needing only to be aligned level and pointing approximately south (in the northern hemisphere). To reduce loss through shadowing, it should be exposed with as clear a view of the sky as possible, typically from a suitable mast or open rooftop position. Once in place, it needs little or no maintenance, although if the unit is safely accessible it is advisable occasionally to check the glass dome for bird droppings and the like, and give it a wipe from time-to-time.

It is suitable for either standalone recording (it comes as standard with a digital display recording to 0.01 h), or for interfacing to a suitable datalogger (both voltage and square-wave pulsed outputs are available).

This note describes how to log sunshine records by interfacing this sensor to a suitable logger. Note however that most pre-built consumer AWSs do not include a ‘spare’ pulse counter input, and therefore a programmable logger will normally be required for this purpose. The instructions below assume a Campbell Scientific datalogger, but the principles apply to other types too.
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Re: Logging an Instromet sunshine sensor

Postby Admin » 2012 Jan 19, 09:40

Stephen: Files CAN be attached, but it's not immediately evident. I hope to be attaching a text file to this message. I have not tried pdf files, but they should not be any different.

When you are in Post a Reply, or are writing a new post, scroll down and you will see an unobtrusive tab titled Upload Attachment. Click on that tab, and you can then navigate through your C drive and attach the required file.

RESULT: It doesnt work. It says : The extension txt is not allowed. So you are probably right about pdf files. I have no further suggestions.
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Re: Logging an Instromet sunshine sensor

Postby Graham Easterling » 2012 Jan 24, 12:17

One way around is just to upload the file and then post a link to it. Anyone interested can either just access, or save the PDF file, via the link.


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