Tubular wick and thread

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Tubular wick and thread

Postby Graham Webster » 2012 Sep 23, 19:26

Up until recently I have been using a threaded muslin drawstring bag on my mercury in glass wet-bulb thermometer. It seems they are no longer available. Instead, I purchased a pack of 25 tubular wicks and thread from Munro. The wicks are 12mm flat. The tubular wick is drawn 50mm up the stem and is tied here, above and below the bulb, according to the Observer's Handbook. The problem is the wicks are too short. I have a plastic Metspec screen and the distance between the wet-bulb and the inside floor is much greater than in the wooden screen I used to use. It means topping up my whiskey minature bottle (reservoir) on a daily basis.

I have come across an American supplier of wicks, http://www.wickstore.com/Departments/We ... -Wick.aspx
For £30 you can get about 40m of tubular 1/2inch wick and just cut to size.

What type of thread us required?
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Re: Tubular wick and thread

Postby Darren Rogers » 2012 Sep 23, 19:41

russell scientific - about £1 a per meter.
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