Cambridge MET weather station project

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Cambridge MET weather station project

Postby Harvey Short » 2013 Jan 20, 20:13

Hello there,

I tried to register on the forums a few days ago, under the name LawrenceB, but this hasn't been approved yet (possibly because I am not a member of COL), so I thought I'd post using this account in the meantime. Apologies if this isn't the correct sub-forum.

I'm Lawrence Baker, a penultimate year engineering student at Churchill College, Cambridge University, specialising in manufacturing. Our course has a 3rd year project (imaginatively named the Major Project) which is in exercise in product development. It can mean anything from inventing something completely novel to improving certain aspects of an existing product in great detail.

My team's project is looking at developing a new weather station aimed at the higher end of the 'amateur' market, those who don't want to stretch to a MetPak, but want something more substantial than an Oregon Scientific. We are aiming for a final end user price point of around £500. Currently the biggest player in the market is the Davis Vantage Pro2, which certainly offers all of the parameters you might want at a competitive price, though we feel that there is room for another product here, specifically incorporating ultrasonics and the advantages that they bring.

We're just starting out at the moment and are in the process of trying to collect as much information as possible to inform our design process. I'm here to ask if, collectively, you'd be interested in giving us some feedback on some market research questions, your input would be invaluable to us. We'd be asking questions such as; what parameters you value the most; what accuracies you need; whether certain features of current anemometers/weather stations could be improved; what wireless range we might need and so on.

Link to the IfM website explaining the Major Project:

If you'd like more information then please ask!



EDIT: I should add that we are looking to cast as wide as net as possible, so if you see a similar thread on another community, it's not because we don't value your opinions, but because with market research, more opinions are always better!
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Re: Cambridge MET weather station project

Postby Mike Brown » 2013 Jan 23, 13:52

Been doing the same myself for a couple of years now using a Labjack, as also was not satisfied with the options available. Davis was far too expensive for a real station, Oregon 928, which I did use was a good price point but fragile and now out of production. I there fore set about linking professional kit into a PC together with some other add ons. SO I would be looking forward to seeing your outcome. Happy to help along the way if I can.

Best wishes

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