Flexible Wind Meter - a new idea

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Flexible Wind Meter - a new idea

Postby Bob Tateson » 2013 Feb 28, 19:07

For the last two years I have been developing a new way of measuring wind speed and direction. it is bases on a flexible vertical rod with a motion detector at the tip. Its main features are very low power consumption and self-deicing. Making it ideal for weather data logging in cold, remote places. I have proved that the idea works and have a prototype up and running at the moment. I could have patented the idea but I have decided to throw it open to anyone who is interested under a CERN Open Hardware Licence.
To be honest it is not really suitable for COL members. Climatological measurements require accuracy and repeatability. Novelty is the last thing you want! However being a meteorologist you may know someone who would be interested in a weather data logger. I think it would be particularly suitable for forestry and wind farm surveying as it is cheap enough to deploy several, simultaneously in the same area - A sort of digital tatter flag.
If you, or someone you know, or some of you students might be interested send a short email to flexible.wind.meter@gmail.com
I will send full details back including full C source code for the PIC18F25K22 micro-controller which is at the heart of the device.
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