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USB 2 extension cable for Watson / Fine Offset AWS stations

PostPosted: 2013 May 24, 18:48
by Scott Whitehead
Evening everyone, this afternoon I tried to extend my Fine Offset weather station another 5m away from my PC by means of a second 5m USB 2 extension cable.
The object was to get the weather station in a better line of sight of the outdoor sensor - the station very occasionally loses contact with the sensor, though we're talking about minutes throughout any 24hr period every so often. I'm not sure if the new cable is of poor quality - or that 5m just shouldn't be exceeded.
If the former can anyone recommend a decent cable that will allow me to do this. Thanks in advance

Re: USB 2 extension cable for Watson / Fine Offset AWS stati

PostPosted: 2013 May 30, 18:54
by Nick Gardner

I think you'll be pushing it really. You did well with one 5m USB cable, adding another 5m to make a 10 m USB is probably way too much.

I've had a few problems with webcams when using just a 3 m USB cable. I then tried a 5 m cable and the webcam would not work at all. And changing to a better quality one didn't make any difference either.

I know you can go wireless, well you can with webcams anyway with things like IP cameras. So I don't see any reason why you couldn't rig up your weather station to a wireless network without the use of a PC, using the right kit. Though in my experience, these can be a right pain to set up.