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Davis - Weatherlink

PostPosted: 2013 Nov 24, 10:35
by Darren Rogers
Just wondered if anyone could possibly advise on the following.
My own website is somewhat basic but I use Weatherlink (WL) to upload my HTML pages to my hosting company - but now there is a problem.

Just over a week ago my hosting Co. had 'connectivity issues' and it is just probably a co-incidence but when they resolved those issues WL stopped being able to connect to my ftp server, or more particularly, the 'website' folder within my ftp server.

What was more, occasionally WL did show that it had 'partially completed' the upload but those pages, including my index/home page are now blank.

I used filezilla to try and upload some pages and that appeared to work but as I could only send them as .htx files (WL sends the .htx as .htm) those pages are still blank, but at least it showed that I could get pages to my hosting company and that the issue lay with WL.

Obviously I have not/had not changed any of the settings within WL that may have affected this.

hope that it makes sense and obviously any help greatly appreciated.

Re: Davis - Weatherlink

PostPosted: 2013 Dec 13, 18:00
by Darren Rogers
Guess that I will just have to provide the answer myself then.

Nothing wrong with the weatherlink - rang Davis in America (very helpful) did a few tests, inc' using WL to upload my site onto my own computer and then had to change hosting company and it all worked fine.

the issue was with my (old) hosting company and I have got back one years worth of hosting fees