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Plastic Camden Jar

PostPosted: 2014 Mar 27, 17:47
by Darren Rogers
Anyone have able to help:

I have recently been given a retired (observer died) standard copper 5” Snowdon pattern rain gauge – one of which I already have, so it as gone to my local primary school (Crosby Ravensworth) and they will commence Obs as of April.
I have a standard Camden measuring jar which is obviously made of glass, but because it is school children aged 8-11 who will be doing the readings a plastic version would be far more suitable and safer.

Would you know if there is a plastic version of the Camden jar?

PS – I did attend the school this week and give them a ‘lesson’ on rainfall recording and I must say that I was extremely impressed with their general knowledge and understanding of the subject and it would be fantastic to try and help them all that I can.

Re: Plastic Camden Jar

PostPosted: 2014 Apr 01, 20:06
by Adrian Hudson
Hi Darren,

Russell Scientific used to sell them separately from - as well as with - their raingauges - I can't see them now but it might be my powers of observation! See their 1251 copper rain gauge.

I have one as a backup to my Camden jar. Its a little tricky to read - the resolution is no where near a Camden jar but with practice you can usually be within a tenth or so.