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Any 2nd-hand screens available anyone?

PostPosted: 2014 May 04, 21:34
by Eddy Graham
Hi folks
Just got a big shock after phoning Casella a few days ago for their updated price list:
- A new screen (small) costs £1200 (incl. VAT), excluding stand -they couldn't even get me a price for that!
- New thermos ~£300 + VAT, etc..
(above prices not including p & p either)

Hence, I think I need an unlikely visit from Father Christmas... or perhaps some-one out there has a "spare" screen tucked away that they are willing to sell at a cut-price(?), or one from a legacy/will, etc..

Otherwise, perhaps I will ask our woodwork engineering to design and build me one...(would probably be cheaper!)

Any help appreciated, many thanks
Eddie Graham, Stornoway
n.B.I currently use an old MetCheck small screen (not so good, rotten wood) and a Davis radiation shield (much better), but am looking for a larger Met Office equivalent screen.

Re: Any 2nd-hand screens available anyone?

PostPosted: 2014 May 11, 19:21
by Nick Gardner
I bought my screen from a local guy down here in Devon. He makes them to the Casella design. Superbly done with a few neat enhancements to aid cleaning. I think I paid around £250.

The problem is I have long since deleted the emails (bought the screen in late 2011) but I know he has advertised in the monthly COL bulletin.

I've just done a Google search and he has a 'blog spot' here: ... reens.html