droughts and dry spells

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droughts and dry spells

Postby Jeffrey Buck » 2015 Mar 23, 14:02

Are the terms 'absolute drought,partial drought and dry spells',as set out in the British Rainfall Organization c.1917,still in use nowadays?
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Re: droughts and dry spells

Postby Len Wood » 2015 Mar 24, 11:56

Not that I am aware of.

The absolute drought of 15 consecutive dry days or more where there is less than 0.2 mm is still sometimes quoted.

For water usage the hydrological drought is more important.

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Re: droughts and dry spells

Postby Darren Rogers » 2015 Mar 27, 09:37

Well I still use them!

Surely there is still a meteorological drought as well?

E-mail the enq desk at the Met'O - they will soon tell you.
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