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COL logo revamp

Postby Martin Rowley » 2012 Jan 10, 15:09

Stephen Burt elsewhere on this board in his review of the years ahead, repeats the desire (apparently) to have a new logo.

The Meteorological Office, over a decade ago, went through this - in the process truncating its name to 'Met Office' and the firm that was chosen to 're-brand' the Office presented the current 'wavy line' logo. It looked odd then and I can't say I can relate to it now. It does allude to 'waves' of course, but they are all essentially at the same wavelength - not particularly realistic. It is also reminiscent of the old 'Macfisheries' badge and has a striking similarity to the Thames Water logo. In other words, nothing says meteorology - more than 10 years on. We want to avoid that mistake.

The Royal Meteorological Society underwent a revamp of its image several years ago - losing the 'tower of winds' which was a shame but I have to say I think the replacement, with it's allusion to the sun and wind, is 'clean' and appropriate - it suggests 'the weather'.

The Met Eireann logo is quite clever, with an acknowledgement of a cyclonic circulation - and even Richardson's " big whirls have little whirls ... " remark. The American Meteorological Society logo might to some look 'dated' but it exudes authority and stability and again instantly conveys that the AMS has 'the weather' as its purpose in life. 

The COL logo as presented does the job. There is a thermometer screen and rain gauge, elements that are common to 'traditional' and electronic systems; a wind rose, cloud and precipitation complete the picture, emphasising what we are about - measuring, recording, collating, distributing basic weather data. 

My suggestion is that if it is felt that a new logo is required, we build on the current one, which has many of the elements that summarise the purpose of COL. If pressed, I would suggest something along the lines of the AMS design, with inclusion of screen and gauge, and some attempt at a representation of wind field (similar to Met Eireann). 

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Re: COL logo revamp

Postby Nicholas Bentley » 2012 Jan 20, 23:03

I quite like the present COL logo and suggest 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'! It would be a pity to do what the Met Office did, or the RMS for that matter. Ditching the authoratative-looking Tower of the Winds logo and truncating the name to the unpronouncable 'RMetS' (surely just the abbreviation RMS is better?) was a big mistake I think. I agree that the American Meteorological Society logo looks good and would hazard a guess this has been around for a while - that's not to say I think it looks dated but that it looks good, is popular and has lasted.
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Re: COL logo revamp

Postby trevorharley » 2012 Jan 27, 18:33

I find it a bit fiddly but it's not high on my list of worries in life!
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