Cold December

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Cold December

Postby greg_gruner » 2012 Dec 04, 17:00

All the indications (GFS and ECMWF charts) seem to indicate the split jet pattern that causes low pressure to develop over the Mediterranean and a westward extension of the Siberian high in mid-December. So it could be a N/NW cold giving way to an easterly cold. I wouldn't bet on a white Christmas (yet!) but my money is certainly on the December CET being well below average (>1C below). It won't, of course, be anything like the record breaking December 2010, but I expect snow and ice will cause problems in places, as indeed has already happened in the north.

What will be interesting is to see whether, like in 2010/2011, the weather reverts to a more westerly and milder pattern in January/February.
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