First Frost

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First Frost

Postby Richard_Griffith » 2013 Oct 30, 09:04

A clear night with calm conditions has led to the first frost of the Autumn here at Horsham. An overnight air minimum of -0.03C and a Grass Minimum of -2.0C
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Re: First Frost

Postby Richard Hunt » 2013 Nov 04, 13:29

Had my first ground frost of the season this morning with the grass dipping down to -1.5°C.
This is my first frost since April 24th.
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Re: First Frost

Postby Jan Fjellstadt » 2013 Nov 14, 21:20

We had our first frost here in Lommedalen in Norway on 27th September with a minimum of -2.2. Our first frost generally occurs between 19th and 30th in September. (Lommedalen is in Eastern Norway approx. 20 km. northwest of Oslo)
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